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Every fabrics have different characteristic one and another. Likewise with the way of treatment, and each material handling. Identify every fabrics characteristic to get the proper way to treat them so that the fabrics can wear longer.

• When you wash the clothes for the first time, it should be separated from the white and non white colors to avoid colors blending on clothes.
• Avoid using bleaching on non-white color.
• If the clothes are not too dirty, sometimes it is better if the clothes just aerate or cleaned with a soft brush. In addition to saving energy, this will also increasing the durability of the garment.
• If possible, store them in a wardrobe with hanging tool to avoid the folding line.
• Iron from the inside of the garment to maintain the durability of materials and the screen printing.
• When using the dryer, follow the pointer symbol temperatures available in the clothing to avoid material deformation.
• Washing by hand is preferred, with gentle pressure and avoid excessive use of detergent to maintain the durability of the material.
• Try to wash from inside out to lengthen the durability of the fabric.

• May shrink if exposed to temperatures that are too high.
• Easy to creased.
• Can be ironing.
• Cool and flexible.

• This material is getting its looks from a staining technique that can release pigment when washed.
• Avoid washing to often, if possible.
• Use less detergent when washing.
• Avoid dry clean washing method.
• Wash inside out.

• Very sensitive to heat, it is advisable to wash with water that is not too warm and using very low temperatures when ironing without the use of steam.
• This fabric are strong and durable, the color doesn’t fade fast, dry quickly.
• Unable to absorb the liquid so it would be hot if used in high temperature.

• Very strong and absorb liquids.
• Soft and comfort.
• Easy to creased.
• Not resistant to very high temperatures.
• Some Rayon materials can be washed, while others Rayon have to go through dry clean.
• Washing by hand is the best way to washable Rayon.

• Very elastic and can return to its original shape.
• Strong and lightweight.
• Avoid the use of iron and bleach.
• Hang the fabrics to dry.

• Absorb and remove fluid quickly.
• Strong and create a warm effect.
• It is recommended to use dry cleaning washing technique.
• Lightweight and soft.

• Strong and durable.
• Avoid stains because it is not easy to get rid stains from this material.
• Not easily creased.

• Tends to be water resistant.
• Strong and durable.
• Avoid washing with washing machine because the characteristics of materials that are not flexible.
• Not suitable for using the bleach.

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